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Tailwind Nutrition Endurance Fuel & Rebuild Recovery Review

Also included is a coupon to use when creating your own personal temporary tattoo! Finally, each Runner Crate includes a bling! This is a light up placard — you pop a couple AA batteries into the controller and the little pad lights up or flashes, depending. This was my first experience with Runner Crate and I was pretty pleased with it. I thought the included products were generally useful and I was excited to try some new nutrition and recovery products.

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I would love if there had been instructions for what I understand to be no-tie laces and maybe some more information just generally. Otherwise, this was a fun box — great for runners! Visit Runner Crate to subscribe or find out more! Your email address will not be published. Each snack is curated with health and clean eating in mind.

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We send running challenges and you EARN themed bling. Perfect for any runner who liked to try new things. Subscription Boxes for Runners. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. The Best Free Subscription Boxes! Best Subscription Box Gifts. The Best Beauty Boxes. Ran out halfway through lap one and just bonked hard by the end of that lap.

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It took a long time into lap 2 to recover. That said, it really does work. I would go with what you do for your ultra-marathons, but pack something in a safety factor. If you are running those distances, you are perfectly capable of completing NJ. If you are going 5 hours of hard work without consuming any calories, you're going to feel like superman with a couple scoops of tailwind every hour.

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That said, I like chewing on something every once in a while so I usually go for a powerbar and a couple gel blocks in addition to a couple scoops of tailwind in my pack. I've just done beasts though. The only way of knowing is trying it out on a training session. Try everything out that you're thinking of beforehand, don't let that be the reason for a DNF. The difference is you're not racing for 5 hours though. For an Ultra, you're racing for that times 2 plus some additional mileage since a Beast is only 13 miles and a Ultra is So no, I would not rely on using only Tailwind for each lap.

Your body will need calories. I would definitely plan on having some calories on you, as well as stuff in your drop bin. Better to be over prepared then under when it comes to race fuel.

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Well I ran two Ultras last year and did them in 12 and 10 hours. I did have tailwind with me and added it with water about every other water stop. I also had various protein and cliff bars, probably the best of which was Pro Bar. I'm sure I could probably have finished without the protein bars but would have been crazy hungry. I mean you might be able to consume calories of Tailwind, but you still aren't going to have anything in your stomach and those calories are all very empty sugar calories.

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For trail ultras and when training for them! You definitely want to test what works I use tailwind but have a separate small flask to fill with plain water at stations to balance out. I also would have something solid, at least at your drop and again test this. Salted boiled potatoes are my favorite.

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Some fat and protein after about six hours too, though not much because I can only process about calories at best less if hot, humid or late in the race and mostly use carbs as fuel. FWIW the caffeinated version works well for me. The last thing to test is taking in all your nutrition while moving on different types of terrain, weather and exhaustion levels so you can know how best to take it in and control your heart rate.