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After a couple weeks of generaI listening to break-in the drivers, I put these headphones to the test.

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I started with a test track called 'Red hot car' from Squarepusher. The track is very synthetic, with extreme changes in dynamics and frequencies. The response was amazing with no distortion. The sensitivity is the next admiral quality of these headphones. During an HD performance of the New York Philhrmonic , I could easily and clearly hear the minute sounds of the performers shuffling and turning pages of sheet music during quiet passages.

The headphones pushed my low-end hearing abilities to near sub-sonic. Then to test overall response, I ran a dynamically scorching groove called 'Walk the Walk' by non else than the jazz group, Spyro Gyra. I was extremely impressed by the quality of sound for such a fair price. There was only one disappointing characteristic about the headphone that I should warn you of.

If you have a poorly recorded music collection and sensitive hearing, this headphone will reveal all the annoying flaws. Some listeners may have to upgrade their music collections. The seller is accurate and very reliable. I received a great product with fantastic sound and design at a reasonable price. Thank you!

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Great reference headphones. Perfect sound with no overwhelming bass or treble. I would highly recommend these headphones for anyone looking to not spend a fortune, but still get outstanding sound. Pros: Crisp, clean, highly accurate and well balanced sound. Very comfortable. Outstanding value. Cons: The cord is a bit too long and bulky and the carrying case is nothing more than a cloth pouch. Detachable cable, that's what i wished it had so if it ripped got cut or etc.

Unlike many Headphones in this price range, these are audibly flat with no perceived coloration. Which means a very nice and accurate reproduction of the music. One caveat though, these will show every flaw within the production and editing of the music being listened to. Not quite up to par with Grado or stax, but overall a great value.

[Amazon Canada] Audio-Technica ATH-M50x $164.99

I have had two pairs of Koss UR40s still have them and they work just fine. I bought the M50S after doing a lot of research. My first time listening to them I could not distinguish a difference from the UR40s. The Koss headphones cost a fourth what these do. The M50S is built sturdier, and heavier on the head. The sound quality is similar to me though. The biggest difference are that the M50S are closed back whereas the UR40s are open which means with the UR40s, everyone can hear what you're listening to. In that regard I like the M50S more.

As I continue to use both cans on and off I have noticed more clarity with the M50S, but not enough to warrant 4 times the cost. I will not be returning them, as I like them over the UR40 for the noise isolation and the slightly crisper sound quality.

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Another thing to note is they seem to lack bass at times. When I listen to rock it sounds great, but a lot of electronic music feels like it's lacking on the low end. I have subs in my room and cars, so it's probably just my personal preference. If you have the money go for it, but consider the UR40s before you spend it. This is an awesome product!! Excellent Quality.

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Very good headphones!!! I am not a headphone connoisseur by any means, but these headphones give me an equal to greater sound quality to that of the old Bose, over ear, headphones I had. Very large, which is what I like about them. The headphones and cord seem very durable. I would strongly recommend these headphones.

They are very fairly priced and sound better than any others I've listened to. Can't beat these. After 25 years in the recording studio business, I can only say that these ATH M50's headphones are the truest I've heard in a long time. One of the main reasons is they don't cause "ear fatigue" like all the others I've tried in the past.

Warm low end, smooth midrange and really nice high end.

Audio Technica ATH-M50X Review!

They have perfect sound! They sound better than the Bose I have and are much more durable. I love them! The pricing is also hard to beat compared to others. I highly recommend!! I bought the ATH-M50S headphones to use with my bass amp for silent practicing silent to everybody else anyway! The physical comfort and the pleasant sound make me forget I'm wearing them. They reproduce my bass sound very well. I can certainly overdrive them and make them break up and fatigue my ears, but that's true for any headphones.

My MP3 player comes through with great fidelity and clarity. All in all, very pleasant to use. Great sound quality and comfy.

Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Headphones, Black

Also i got a sick deal on them through this site. The only negative thing I have with this headphone is that it is kind of tight on your head. Meaning, it squishes your head when you wear them, so after a long time of wear, it gets uncomfortable despite the fact the parts that touches the ears are foam padded. Fully recommend these pair of headphones, they offer true value for money, excellent sound quality for those who want an entry level professional set. Cheaper then other sets of similar quality from other manufacturers.