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The piercing itself takes about minutes, depending on the person; however, there could be a wait if you choose our walk-in option instead of an appointment. Can I be pierced anywhere on my lobe? Our piercings are lobe only, but anywhere on your lobe is okay. It is totally dependent on your ear! Am I limited to only one piercing?

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How will I know how to take care of my piercing after? You will leave well equipped with a thorough aftercare booklet and the contact info for the piercer, just in case. Is it possible to buy the earrings first and then come back for the complimentary piercing? Our permanent piercing studio requires us to sanitize and autoclave all studs that will be used for piercings.

To ensure that the stud packaging hasn't been compromised, we can only provide the studs to be pierced with directly. What earrings are available? Please see above for our curated selection of 14k yellow gold studs available for piercing. The studs are sold individually, so you can purchase just one instead of a pair. The piercing itself is on us and these studs can only be purchased if getting pierced on site. Can I be pierced with hoops, or is it studs only?

We only pierce with solid 14k gold studs as this is best practice for new piercings - hoops are harder to clean and can pull! You may notice that not all of our studs are included for piercing, and this is because the length of the post may not be long enough. It's common to experience some swelling after getting a piercing, so we just want to ensure the posts are long enough to allow for this!

Currently, only 14k yellow gold is available. What backings do you use for the studs for piercing?

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We use standard 14k butterfly backings. To protect against infection, the tummy should be wiped with an antiseptic. Stage 2: Puncture. This is the most important part. The master takes a sterile needle, having greased it with its petroleum jelly.

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Then, with forceps, he should pinch that area of the skin where a puncture will be made. Do not worry if you feel a slight burning or numbness because it takes about a minute for blood to recede. Clamping with forceps is necessary to reduce the likelihood of bleeding and to facilitate the insertion of the needle into the skin.

After the puncture is done, the master inserts the piercing earring, then once again heals the wound with an antiseptic and applies a healing ointment.

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You may choose an earring in one of the piercing shops in Toronto or to use a surgical steel decoration for the first several days. Stage 3: Completion of the procedure. Master should warn you that a week after the operation a crust is formed in the part where the puncture was made.

Also, a clear liquid can flow out of the wand.

This crust will not scare you for a long time- maximally a month later on that place will be healthy skin. When a puncture is made and your skin looks healthy, you still have to take care of the piercing all the time. Before going to the beach, it is desirable to remove the earring.

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The sunrays, affecting the metal, may lead to unpleasant consequences. Which earring to choose? Well, the decision is made and only the couple of days left for the desired moment. And here comes the question: which earring is better to wear?

Where it is better to buy it — in the piercing shop near me or in another place? About: Open Seven days a week, this tattoo and piercing shop has been in the same location for 24 years. Its two professionally trained piercers accept walk-in clients only and offer more than 50 types of piercings.

Website: newtribe. It originally opened in the Church Street Village in , before relocation in the Fashion District. It also offers free consultations for all piercings to answer all questions beforehand. Website: mauvemontreal. Website: angerink. About: Open seve days a week for walk-in or piercing appointments. While the shop has been open since , the owner has been in the business for more than 23 years.

Website: studiotentation. Its piercings are done by walk-in only and it offers free post-piercing check-ups. Website: adrenalinestudios.

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About: Even though this shop has two piercers and one apprentice, it tends to be super busy, so appointments are highly encouraged. The studio is also wheelchair accessible. Website: arcanebodyarts. Website: thefalltattooing. About: Tribal offers extensive information on its website to answer all your questions. But if you download its app and get the coupon, you can save 10 per cent on your jewellery with piercing.

Website: tribalexpression.