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National drinks Open Bar at Westin Playa. Domestic Air flights. Optional activities and entrance fees for attractions not included in the itinerary. Meals specified in the itinerary. Personal Expenses Laundry, calls, etc. Shopping Discount Card. From our gallery.


Accommodation at Hotel Le Meridien. The capital of the Republic of Panama is located on the Pacific side of the American continent. During this trip you will have the opportunity to visit the following sites: Casco Antiguo - The second city of Panama, founded in , is known as the Casco Viejo of Panama. In addition, you will be taken on a scenic trip to the Amador Causeway. Accommodation at Hotel Le Meridien D.

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Gelaberth Airport. Flight to Chiriqui. Accommodation at Hotel Playa Tortuga. Tour Bahia los Delfines, Cayo Coral and Cayo Zapatilla: We head towards Zapatilla Cays, where we will be welcomed by white sand beaches, exotic tropical vegetation and crystal clear waters. Happy to see some varied opinions coming in here! Next go down to the Pacific side and check out Isla Palenque!

We just may do that! Last year I spent 3.

For me, Bocas was paradise! Surfing, ATV riding, fishing, diving, ect. The thing with Bocas is you need to know where to look. My daily routine was not the hot tourist spots, but the places off the beaten path. But, I also traveled throughout Panama to the other regions with their own different climates as well. But their beaches and waters have absolutely no comparison to many other Caribbean Islands, Thailand, Maldives, etc. Unfortunately, but also necessary, it is very expensive to stay in the areas with this total raw beauty.

Interesting perspective, Donna. I whole heartily agree with your assessment, however you left out Dolphin Bay which is only accessible by those water taxis on a day tour. Thanks for the honest opinion. I got a couple friends opening a small resort there bocas town next month and a chance to go if I want.

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Me personally, not into crowds or partying. I do like rustic and rural and natural beauty…. I,ve been to Panama but not bocas. Thanks for your blog about Bocas del Toro. Im planing to visit my family soon and go to Bocas my husband and I will spend about 3 days, which is prefect. We just dont want to get bored if we stay longer. There are so many beautiful places like San Blas as well, well visit for 2 days there.

Finally relax watching animals and birds on isla Barro Colorado.

How to Get From San José to Bocas del Toro

Hope you guys have a fantastic time in all your destinations!! You can check either of them out on VRBO. I have stayed over the water in Bocas and totally agree with what Liz had to say but can see where Kate is coming from too. Since you all sound well traveled I need some advise. Looking for a nice place right by blue calm beach, with some kind of access to good food and basic fun but mainly just peace safety and quiet and a nice place to sunbathe and swim.

Any advice in Central America? We also loved Utila, Honduras, and spent a couple of weeks soaking up the sun and diving there. It was a great place to kick back. Been here a bit over a week, have 3 weeks remaining. Arrived in September, weather has been genrally fantasic. To be real — Bocas town can be viewed as a town with many faces. Ask around and you can sometimes find a private boat that will do a private half day with you for under half the price of the tours. And yes, you need to use cabs and busses to get around.

A taxi from Saigon Bay to Bocas Town is 60 cents. Get into the culture, meet expats and natives and make some friends and learn the tricks.

How to Get From San José to Bocas del Toro

Bocas Town can become your hub. Anyway — my point is yes, it is based on a very diverse culture, including the poverty evident on many larger islands like St. Thomas and St. Criox in the USVI for example but without the crime prevelent on those 2 islands. This is a safe place to be. Will I ever be back? Would I suggest it to anyone? Certainly — depending on the someone! Thanks for this article, by the way — and I suspect you may be onto something when you say that perhaps it was because it was the end of your trip.

Well said Dana. From Maui. We love visiting Panama during the dry season Dec 15th thru April 15th.

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We went once during the rainy season. Too wet, humid, and the flying blood suckers are everywhere. Headed back in mid-January.

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Our Escape Clause. Some links in this post may be affiliate links. If you make a purchase through one of these links, we may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. Please see our disclosure policy for more detail. Read Next:. Kate Storm Kate has been traveling the world full-time for more than 3 years. Kate Storm June 27, Thanks, Jenna! When the sun came out, the beaches were definitely wonderful. Kimberly Roe March 6, When were you there? Was it in late June?

Kimberly Roe March 6, Also, I am wondering how many days you were there? Kate Storm March 7, Hi, Kimberly! We were in Bocas del Toro for just under 2 weeks in April of last year.

Day 1. Welcome to Panama City!