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I just leased a Volkswagen GTI and had some free time so spent a while researching and negotiating. Continue Reading. Related Questions More Answers Below Has anyone used a lease trade service like lease trader or swap a lease? Good or bad experience? Are car lease takeovers generally a good deal compared to the original lease?

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Is there a website that posts the best current lease deals for new cars? Which companies offer a car lease policy for employees? What's the trick to leasing a car? View more. Related Questions Has anyone used a lease trade service like lease trader or swap a lease? Businesses also like the benefit of the vehicle not appearing on the 'Balance Sheet' as it is owned by the leasing company - this means that the liability of the finance is not shown on the company accounts. With PCP there is an interest charge on your payments, with leasing there is none, you are simply just paying the depreciation on the car.

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You can afford a brand new car which you never thought you could afford. You can choose how much you want to pay upfront normally 1, 3, 6, 9 or 12 months initial rental. You can choose how long you want the car for normally 2, 3 or 4 years. No hefty financial loan to buy the car which is suitable for individuals with bad credit. Much lower maintenance costs, road tax and breakdown cover come as part of the package, servicing sometimes too! New cars do not need an MOT in the first three years of their life. You can get another brand new vehicle once the lease period is finished.

Select the make, model, specifications and the initial rental payment which suits you. Compare millions of deals from leasing companies to find the best price and package. Once you are happy with your quote, place your order with the Leasing Company.

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At the end of the contract, you simply return the vehicle to the leasing company, and get a new one if you like! We make money when we find our customers a new deal on lease vehicles. For example, each time someone buys a new lease vehicle through us, we get paid a commission fee. This fee does not change the price you pay to the product supplier nor does it affect the way we rank the products - we always order results from lowest to highest for you. All our partners leasing companies are responsible for supplying and updating the prices they advertise on Auto Lease Compare.

Prices are constantly being updated so be sure to check regularly to ensure you are getting the best possible deal.

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We offer impartial and independent comparison and our results are always ranked by price. We do not add on any additional fees onto the prices provided to us by the leasing companies. If you decide to add any options or additional extras to your vehicle then the price may change. The price may also change due to other factors, such as retail price increases or model specification changes.

The supplier will provide you with an up to date price when you place an order with them.

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We compare the market for you, letting you see prices and deals of the vehicles side-by-side. We make it easy for you to compare prices from the various leasing companies all in one place, no more time wasting trawling the internet! Contacting the leasing company by submitting an enquiry though Auto Lease Compare is the most efficient method to get in contact.

We are confident you will find the perfect deal on Auto Lease Compare, but making an enquiry does not mean you are under any obligation to order a vehicle with any supplier. We will need to verify the lease purchase first, we will then send your electronic voucher via email. Please note this voucher is only valid for your first leased vehicle through us.

We will need to verify the lease purchases first, we will then send your electronic voucher via email. Please note this voucher is only valid for your second leased vehicle through us. It doesn't! Leasing companies are located throughout the UK and the partners we have on Auto Lease Compare are set up all around the country.

Regardless of their location, the leasing company will almost always arrange to deliver your brand new car straight to your front door and all paperwork is done via email, this alleviates the need for a leasing company to be near you.

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  • The amount you choose as your initial rental will affect your monthly rental cost — the bigger your initial rental, the less your monthly rental cost will be. Your estimated mileage is used to calculate your monthly rentals based on the estimated residual value of the car at the end of the lease agreement.

    The higher the mileage, the higher the cost of the monthly rentals. New cars do not need an MOT in the first three years of their life, once your car is over three years old, you will need to get it tested every year thereafter. This refers to damage that is considered acceptable after someone has been driving it for the length of a contract.

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    If your questions are not included in the above, please send us an email to info autoleasecompare and one of our friendly team will be happy to help you. Buying is outdated, leasing is the future… Auto Lease Compare is changing the way you think about vehicle ownership. Early this year, we the Directors were trying to find a personal car lease online. We spent hours manually searching through various leasing companies websites to compare prices - this is when we realised something was missing from this space recognising that vehicle leasing process was fragmented.

    The obvious lack of effective research and comparison tools made leasing a new vehicle challenging and time consuming, whilst giving no confidence to the consumer that they have found the best deal. At Auto Lease Compare, we are determined to redesign and fix the vehicle leasing process, allowing the consumer to explore and compare what the market really has to offer all in one place - in user friendly, time and cost effective manner. Don't have an account? Sign up Here. Already got an account? Login Here. Personal Business.