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I applaud themt for doing this and wish more companies would follow their lead. Lane Bryant. You will need to enter it on the "Shopping Cart" page in the box titled "Enter promotional savings code". Then click on "Apply" and make sure the discount is taken off your order total. If the coupon is not working, check to make sure you entered it correctly and that it has not expired early. Also, most codes are case sensitive. If you need to contact Lane Bryant, you can call their customer service line at Toll free.

She in no way wanted to understand that she is referring to a different order than I was.

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I rectified the confusion and she sat there without saying a word. She also told me that Lane Bryant reps do not have access to store inventories so it appears I was lied to when the rep said she would locate the item s for me. Literally, I sat there for a few minutes before any reply from this recent rep. Pretty much got fed up with their horrible service and I thanked them for their time and told them I was headed to the review sites to let others know my experiences. She said OK and disconnected the conversation.

So here I am letting everyone know that out of the last 3 orders, Lane Bryant has screwed up 2 of them horribly. The first incident involved purchasing a 2pc set and Lane Bryant only sending half of the set then telling me good luck finding the other half because they don't have stock. I am a buyer at my current employment and in no way would I expect part of my order to ship without my consent.

I recently spent over dollars in store and bought a bunch of Christmas gifts. During the holidays, I try like crazy to save my receipts but one always gets misplaced. While I was in store, I also purchased something on the same transaction from online to be shipped to my house. Their store cannot look up purchases on a card unless you use a Lane Bryant card. Their online orders and in-store purchasing systems are totally unconnected so even though I bought stuff in the same transaction, my online purchase order does not contain any information on my in store purchase.

I needed to return some Christmas gifts and the company flat out refused.

It's been less than a week since I purchased the items and I have the card I purchased them on as well as the receipt from the item I ordered in store to be shipped. It's LB You really should be able to look up purchases or at least offer e-mailed receipts for in-store purchases You have such a consumer unfriendly return policy. I have been a faithful client of Lane Bryant's for years. I have always loved their bras and they last a very long time.

The wires broke, the stitching came apart and the straps ripped. I am so angry that I spent well-over 50 bucks apiece and now they're unusable. What has happened to LB's quality?

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Customer service was excellent, as always. Left there out of discretionary funds!! Mostly due to the Sales Associates knowing how to sell, sell, sell!! My one negative comment would have to be that with the Real Woman Dollars vs. What is the real point of Real Woman Dollars with expiration date? Ha ha. This means a lot to us BBWs in Pennsylvania. I must be speaking for more people than just myself. So ladies in Harrisburg, Pa, LB store Travel or order Online as an alternative. He assured me that the issue would be handled. I just wanted her to get a bit more training and learn to "bite the Bullet" until the call was over.

I didn't want her fired or reprimanded in any other way than with knowledge. After all, knowledge is power. I'm sorry you had such a horrible visit. Lane Bryant was and had been one of my favorite stores to shop in. Wake up, Employees and Employers. What is wrong with this picture???? Add one more disappointed Lane Bryant Shopper. Liz, Jamie and Stephanie are excellent. They helped me through each step of the sale from finding sweaters to bra sizing. They should be commended for their professionalism. Very friendly and knowledgeable about items in the store.

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My wife and I went to check on an order that never showed up. They said it was sent back..

They refused to give our money back and said they didn't need or want white people in the store. This was from the manager.. Maryjoe or Mary Jane I called the corp. So we lost our money on an order and were told white people were not to be in this store It's the one in Fresno on Shaw Ave What happened to customers come first? My card had been stolen out of my purse and I have been waiting for over a month to get a new one They were rude, inconsiderate and just didn't care I have never been so furious and angry with a company, I cancelled my credit card I have no time to support such a horrible company and I will make sure everyone knows it!

I tried to purchase from Lane Bryant online. The shopping cart would not accept their code and they now explain it was a technical problem. I emailed them immediately as there was no phone service when I was ordering. The sale is over and while they admit the problem occurred, they are not willing to sell me the products at the sale price with the coupon, which I missed due to their technical problems.

Comically, they admit their system was not working and offer me the solution of spending more for the same items and making my purchase now that their system is fixed. It really is false advertising, if they advertise and then you cannot purchase the items. They are not concerned about wasting a customer's time or doing the right thing.

After being a customer for many years, I am surprised at their bad service. I'd like to give a heads-up to anyone that might use a "free shipping" coupon for the Lane Bryant website. Although, now that I see all of the negative reviews, I should have known better than to shop the site in the first place. I used the free shipping code and rather than the package shipping completely via UPS or FedEX so it could be tracked from point A to point B, Lane Bryant shipped it partially via UPS and then from there, the local post office takes it over.

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I was supposed to receive the package last Thursday. No package. I checked the UPS website both by clicking through on the Lane Bryant website and by going to the UPS website directly and the delivery date had been changed to Friday. Okay, I thought, no problem. As of four-o'clock Friday afternoon, I still hadn't received the package and I went back to the UPS website to check what the status was. It said something about the package having been delivered to the local post office and I could expect to receive it via USPS on September 4th. I'm a little ticked off at this point, but as long as the package was going to eventually get here, I was fine.

I then received an email from UPS saying the the local post office had successfully delivered my package! Contacting UPS was pointless; they said to contact the "shipper" for resolution. I'd already done that and sent a message from the Lane Bryant website describing the situation. The email I received today from Lane Bryant customer service was of no help either. So I'm apparently supposed to just suck it up and deal with being out a couple hundred dollars and continue to "let Lane Bryant serve my shopping needs in the future.

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Not if I'm getting ripped off because they can't seem to send a package properly. I have no idea if this is how they normally ship packages or if this was exclusive to the "free shipping" coupon but just in case, perhaps you'd be better off paying the shipping charge or you could save yourself the trouble and just not shop Lane Bryant at all.

I suffer from an autoimmune bladder disease known as interstitial cystitis and multiple kidney problems.

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While shopping at the Litchfield Rd. Not doing so fairly quickly can put me into shock, which is quite dangerous. I asked the saleswoman, who informed me that they did not have a "public" bathroom.

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I quietly explained the situation, showed a note from my urologist, and we went to see her manager. The manager again coldly stated that they did not have a public restroom, for loss prevention purposes. I felt forced to explain in detail, again, my personal health issues. No luck. Finally I let the manager know that it was in violation of the ADA to refuse me access to a bathroom.