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    You can use them as instants. But note that they are harsher on the stomach than other forms of kava. One way to mitigate the harshness is to buy micronized powders that do not contain the hard inner fibres some people call them "makas" here and on the kavaforums, but it's a slightly inaccurate term as generally "makas" are the leftovers from kava preparation.

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    The point is that these fibres are not only hard, but also weak, so removing them makes a stronger and perhaps smoother powder. If they are not removed then by definition the powder is just as strong per gram as the original kava powder. There are also kava extracts, tinctures etc. If the manufacturer uses tudei kava, leaves or moulded roots, you will end up with a super high concentration of toxins.

    A risky thing to swallow. A Excellent Vendors. All these vendors are part of an association known as "True Kava" www. They get their kava regularly tested and guarantee that they only sell top-notch noble roots:. They don't sell kava online, but sell noble kava through their funky kava bar. A pretty cool place and super friendly people. A relatively small, New Zealand-based kava business formed by the researchers who founded the University of Auckland Kava Society.

    Their website is a great source of information about kava and they sell excellent kavas from around the Pacific. Shipping might be expensive for US-based customers, but it's arguably the best option for those who want to try some great, noble kava in New Zealand. They've got some of the nicest kavas I've tried from places like Tonga, Vanuatu and Fiji. They sell traditional grind and micronized kava.

    From what I understand, they remove the hard fibres prior to micornizing their kava. Excellent products, great customer service and fair prices. They have access to a number of very solid Vanuatuan varieties. Interesting kavas, a super friendly vendor. They sell the best strainers I've ever used. Grows his own kava, plus sells stuff he imports from Fiji and some other places.

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    Very well-processed and strong kavas. A bit expensive though and I am personally not a big fan of their taste. But the effects don't disappoint. They have traditional grind, makas-free micronized and instant powders.

    Kava Article Library

    High quality and good customer service. They seem to really care about quality and potency. Their kava is praised for good effects and relatively mild taste. B Generally good and popular vendors. A well-established vendor and kava bar.

    Gourmet Hawaiian Kava Coupon

    Generally good, noble kava and great customer service. They have a history of making some confusing or potentially misleading statements and they lack any 3rd party certification, but it's still a good vendor. Unfortunately no longer in business. Used to be a fantastic source of co2 extract made from noble kava. The only co2 extract I would put in my mouth.

    I hope they return one day. A nice, little alternative to traditional kava.

    Hawaiian Kava Farm - Isa versus Noble Varieties

    Not certified noble, but when I spoke with Steve the owner he seemed well aware of the quality issues. I think he also collaborates with some of the best kava scientists. The candies are nowhere near as potent as normal kava, but they are still worth a try. An increasingly popular vendor. They make good kava videos and are easy to deal with.

    Their kava appears to be noble, but they don't present any test results or seem very interested in these issues. It's quite affordable and most reviewers seem to like it. The owner of this small, Canada-based store is a long-time kava enthusiast and drinker and seems to know his stuff. I believe that he is committed to high quality kava and imports his powders from Tonga which means that they should be free of any tudei.

    Still, people seem to like his kava and love his customer service.