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However, as of December , both of these differences have been erased under the Adding Ebola to the FDA Priority Review Voucher Program Act , which eliminated the disparity between the two vouchers. Tropical vouchers may now be redeemed in just 90 days, and may be resold an unlimited number of times. In , the 21st Century Cures Act was signed into law creating a priority review voucher program for medical countermeasures.

Perhaps the most notable aspect of the vouchers so far is the price they have been able to command. However, the party the voucher was purchased from and amount it was purchased for remain unknown. This rare pediatric PRV was used successfully. The first and most obvious is that FDA is under no obligation to approve a product using a voucher. As Novartis proved in the first-ever use of a priority review voucher, FDA will not necessarily approve a product just because its sponsor used a voucher. Priority review will likely accelerate the approval of a good drug to market, but it will not save a bad drug from being rejected.

And for companies that are unsuccessful in their use of a priority review voucher, the cost of failure can be especially high due to the cost to procure and use the voucher. Another little-known limitation is that FDA claims it isn't actually required to review all drugs submitted using a voucher in six months. As explained in FDA's tropical disease voucher guidance, sponsors are not "guaranteed a six-month review" of their new drug product.

Therefore, these applications would be placed in the priority review group. The Agency has committed to a goal of completing 90 percent of priority reviews within 6 months.


Note that "take action" in this context means that FDA aims to complete its review of the filed application and issue an approval or complete response letter within this timeframe; it does not mean that the application will be approved within this timeframe. In , US legislators made a major change to the tropical disease priority review voucher program with the intent of providing additional incentives to fight the Ebola virus and several other related viruses.

The changes were spurred in part by an op-ed by David Ridley, one of the fathers of the original voucher plan, in which he proposed adding "other infectious diseases" to the list of diseases eligible to receive a voucher. While FDA was already permitted to add additional diseases to its list through the regulatory process, legislators said they feared that process would take too long and would not be completed until the Ebola outbreak had potentially ended.

The law made several subtle but important changes to the neglected tropical disease voucher program. First, the law permitted the tropical vouchers to be used just 90 days after a company notified FDA of its intent to file a new drug. Previously, companies were required to notify FDA days in advance. Second, the law allows tropical vouchers to be resold an unlimited number of times.

FDA had previously interpreted the statute to allow only one sale of the voucher. Third, the law adds " filovirus "—a category of diseases which include five strains of Ebolavirus, two strains of Marburgvirus and the lone strain of Cuevavirus, known as Lloviu virus. Fourth, the law permits FDA to add any new viruses to the list of tropical diseases eligible for a voucher "by order" instead of "by regulation.

First, there have been some questions about whether the voucher system is actually incentivizing development, or is rather just acting as a giveaway to companies which would have developed the new products anyways. The group Medicines san Frontiers has levied similar claims against the voucher program, and argued that companies should be required to show they conducted the research necessary to obtain approval for the drug.

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Other experts, including the Drugs for Neglected Disease Initiative's DNDi Rachel Cohen, have noted that the voucher systems actually do not require a company to sell a drug. In other cases, companies might seek regulatory approval for a tropical disease drug which is marketed outside the US in the hopes of obtaining a voucher. This should be banned, one of the founders of the voucher program, David Ridley, has said. The voucher program also doesn't require the drugs provided through the program to be affordable.

David Ridley has proposed requiring companies to report on the affordability of drugs that receive a voucher from FDA, and called on companies to voluntarily ensure that the drugs are affordable to those who need them. Then there's a more fundamental question: Would these drugs have been developed were it not for the possibility of obtaining a voucher? While defenders of the voucher program have said the existence of the vouchers provides a powerful incentive for companies to consider developing new drugs, there's little evidence to show the drugs wouldn't have been developed anyway.

Unfortunately, it's not yet possible to determine whether FDA's priority review voucher programs are having an effect. As we stated at the outset of this article, it often takes a decade to develop a new drug, and any new development catalyzed by the creation of the voucher system may not be evident for several more years. Another criticism, levied by Aaron Kesselheim in the New England Journal of Medicine in , is that while the voucher program is intended to be used only for new drug ingredients, it ignores the potential utility of new innovations.

Kesselheim also noted a broader concern, raised by other experts as well, that the priority review process is improper to use for drugs lacking an urgent need. No, although a September article in The Lancet —again authored by David Ridley—proposed the creation of a European voucher system which would accelerate the review of medicines as well as pricing and reimbursement decisions.

The proposal has not yet been adopted. The World Health Organization WHO recently called on governments to "increase investment to tackle neglected tropical diseases. In August , FDA exercised its ability to add to the list for the first time, adding Chagas disease and neurocysticercosis to the list of eligible neglected tropical diseases.

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Many of the diseases on its list are already contained on FDA's list of neglected tropical diseases, but several are not:. And with the inclusion of the Ebolavirus, Chagas and other diseases to the list, it is possible Congress and FDA may soon eye other diseases for inclusion on the list as well, including the Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus MERS-CoV , Chikungunya, the avian flu virus and other diseases thought to present a security risk to the US. Lock Members Only close arrow-right cart search google-plus facebook twitter youtube flickr linkedin calendar user menu menu-close print share circle-down help briefcase latest recon star word-bubble news.

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