MEP (Micropolis Eduverse Project) meeting

Last Wed Jan 21st, there were 2 MEP meetings. First with members of the Waag Society and secondly with Kennisnet (the sponsor of the MEP). Both meetings went quite well and it is worth noting that much has been achieved in the 2 months since the project’s inception. The primary reason for this is that we are able to draw on the huge body of work already done by the project’s chief programmer, Don Hopkins. A special note of thanks also goes out to Albert Hofkamp (U. Eindhoven) who has done incredibly valuable work on cleaning up Don’s old code.

We are also looking for educational organizations to get involved and various groups have expressed interest, The Wikimedia Foundation and iearn among them.

I would also like to thank the ABC treehouse for hosting us and for offering us their space for the weekly Eduverse meetings.

anyone who is interested in knowing more about this project is welcome to contact me at: MEP (at) eduverse (dot) org