The Goals of The Eduverse Foundation

  • To establish principles of good design in creative education
  • To develop projects which demonstrate creative educational principles (The VSP – Visual Sound Project, “emocracy” – a game of politics, The MEP – Micropolis Eduverse Project, “Logi” – simple 3D object creator, etc).
  • To promote the principles and projects at Eduverse symposia and other media/game/educational events worldwide (The Eduverse has hosted 3 symposia of its own and taken part in: Picnic, IBC, TEDx Amsterdam, Waag Society, FITC Amsterdam, FiFi, Cinekid, ESUG, AMI Consortium events and presentations, etc).
  • To promote technologies (hardware/software) which support creative educational development (Virtual Worlds, Augmented Reality, HUD glasses, Mobile Phone technology, etc).
  • Eduverse Events History


    Eduverse Symposium 1
    Feb 24th De Balie, Amsterdam

    Eduverse Symposium 2 (Serious Gaming)
    June 24th De Balie, Amsterdam

    Eduverse @ European SmallTalk Users Group Annual meeting
    Aug 23rd - 29th, CWI, Amsterdam

    Eduverse @ IBM brainstorm session
    August 26th

    Eduverse @ ibc presentation
    10:30 am - 11am Sept 12th,
    ibc, RAI, Amsterdam

    Eduverse MEGA Pre-Picnic Event
    noon - 10pm Sept 23rd,
    De Balie, Amsterdam

    Eduverse Virtual Picnic 08 Event
    2pm - 6pm Sept 24th, Westerunie Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam

    Eduverse @ Cinekid mediafestival
    Oct 24th, Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam

    Eduverse @ Fifi, "Fear it fix it"
    xs4all's 15 yr celebration
    Nov, Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam


    Eduverse @ GATE Symposium
    "Future Serious Games"
    Feb 10th, Utrecht, NL

    Eduverse Flash 3D project meeting
    Feb 25th, Waag Theatrum, Amsterdam

    Eduverse @ HAR 2009
    Aug 13 - 16th, Vierhouten, NL

    Eduverse @ IBC 2009
    Sept 10 - 15th, RAI, Amsterdam


    Club of Amsterdam Biosensing lecture
    Feb 11th, Waag Theatrum, Amsterdam

    Eduverse @ FITC Amsterdam
    Feb 21 - 23rd, Felix Meritis, Amsterdam

    GATE 2010 Symposium
    July 8th, Utrecht University, Utrecht